Projects you can join!

Create, discover, and join open-source software projects! We help members to contribute meaningfully and gain industry-ready experience along the way. Build epic products, tools, and games used by real people while learning valuable skills and meeting awesome people!
All Experience LevelsAll Skill SetsProject ExperienceEducationCake
Commitment level: 5-10+ hours/week
You CAN have your cake, and eat it too.
BlockchainGame DevelopmentGame DesignUI/UXVisual ArtMarketingWeb DevSound + Music
Commitment level: 5-10+ hours per week
Creating fun and engaging first experiences with blockchain technology for wide audiences.
BotDiscordJsJavaScriptBackend Development
Commitment level: 3 hours per week
Create unique features for our community bot!
All Experience LevelsUX DesignJavaScriptReactWeb DevelopmentHTMLCSS
Commitment level: 2-3 hours / week
Let's brainstorm together!
Agile DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentGitJavaScriptStrapiNodeReactUI/UXWeb DesignWeb Dev
Commitment level: 2-3 hours a week
Build the best environment for the projects you see here!
Commitment level: 3 hours per week
The Dev Launchers mission at scale!
Commitment level: 5 hrs per week
Prepare to thrive!
Web DevBackend DevelopmentJavascriptNode jsstrapi
Commitment level: 5-10 hours per week
Design backend systems that allow us to scale to the moon!

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"The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything." - Sean Gerety
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