Launch your imagination!

Create your own apps and games!

No matter who you are, or where you are in your tech career, Dev Launchers will propel you to the next level!
  • People new to technology learn with hands on instruction from tech experts
  • Tech professionals gain skills managing teams, leading projects, and contributing to a powerful platform built to solve a serious problem

Our Organization (for everyone)

Dev Launchers is a nonprofit intent on empowering people from diverse communities

We love what we do. You should too!

Your time is valuable, do something you love. Dev Launchers is built for people just like you, take a look around and join us!

We believe in Open Source

Everything, from our platform to our curriculum to the projects we develop, is released to the open source community. We rely on contributors to grow our platform and continue serving our students!

Extended Family

We partner with organizations doing outreach to bring in a diverse range of students, and for-profit partners so Dev Launchers can grow and continue to do what we love!


Austin Public Library



Products and Tools

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