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Design backend systems that allow us to scale to the moon!
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Design and develop backend systems that allows us to support the frontend and the overall goal of devlaunchers!


Help us create the backend infrastructure for the website you're currently on!

In this project, you'll be helping develop the backend systems to allow our platform to make a huge impact! We'll be using Strapi which is a headless cms that will help us develop at rapid speeds! We'll also be using other modern web technologies such as node js, PostgreSQL, Docker and using REST API principles to develop the backend.

We'll have weekly meetings where we meet with the front-end team to discuss the platform's direction and status and have a special backend-focused meeting where you can get one-on-one help.

We accept people of all skill levels to come join and make our goals possible!

Commitment Level

5-10 hours per week

Project References

Project Board

API Design Doc

Meeting Times

Platform Sync-Up Every Tuesday 3:45pm CDT

Backend Focus Every Tuesday 4:15 pm CDT

Meeting Links

Room 8

Open Positions

Scrum Master

Ensure that the team follows Agile principles and sticks to the practices agreed upon. Help facilitate productivity and a positive team environment. In charge of backlog management and helping the development team resolve any obstacles.





    Backend Developer


    Backend Developer


    Backend Developer


    Backend Developer

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