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Create unique features for our community bot!
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Build an empowering Discord Bot that creates unique experiences for our community of creatives.


Build a Discord Bot that will improve and empower our community!

In this project, you will be using the Discord API to create a unique and custom bot to be used by all the members in our publicly open Discord Server. To create such product, we are using Discord's JavaScript library as well as some technologies like PostgreSQL and Docker for our backend needs. Together, we will build a very versatile project that involves many great tools.

We will meet weekly to decide the future of the bot and to catch up on all the cool things we have been working on!

Commitment Level

3 hours per week

Project References


Project Board

DiscordJs Docs

Meeting Times

Catch Up & Planning Every Wednesday 3:30 PM CDT

Meeting Links

Room 5

Open Positions

JavaScript Developer

Work alongside other members to create bot-plugins for our community to enjoy! You will be using JavaScript, HTTP requests, and the DiscordJS Library to create unique plugins and features. No experience required!

UX Researcher/Designer

Our goal is to create unique experiences for our community of creatives, which is why their feedback is greatly needed. We want to make features that members will enjoy, and to deliver them in the best way to engage their use. That is where YOU come in! Your role is to research WHAT the community wants, and HOW they want it. Help us build the best features for the best community!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
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