Creating fun and engaging first experiences with blockchain technology for wide audiences.
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DevBots is a groundbreaking experiment combining the openness and freedom of crypto, action-packed strategic gameplay, and an inviting cartoonish brand. We're creating positive first experiences with blockchain technology for wide audiences.


Come join us in creating a game using cutting-edge technology! Develop with an interdisciplinary team, discuss the game's direction at weekly meetings, and help build something amazing! This project will leverage blockchain to create an engaging collectible and play-to-earn experience, while also teaching users code and logic through bot instructions! We hope to be the first of many projects in the bustling blockchain ecosystem at Dev Launchers, so get in early!

About DevBots: Show your genius by pitting your custom-built bot against other players around the world! Your unique combination of parts and logical instructions will define your winning strategy. Defeat opponents and earn DevCoin ($DEVS), a real cryptocurrency exchangeable on the blockchain! Purchase powerful and stylish NFT collectibles, or even trade your DevCoin for real currency! Can your bot rise to the top of the battle arena?

Commitment Level

5-10+ hours per week

Project References

Our Website!


Project Board

Design Document

Meeting Times

Weekly Team Jam - Wednesday 5pm CST

Weekly Developer Co-Working - Saturday 10am CST

Weekly Art/Outreach Jam - Thursday 6pm CST

Meeting Links

Room 3

Open Positions

Unity 2D Game Developer

Help refine the functionality of the game, and add incredible new features! Whether that means programming dynamic combat systems, collectibles and customization, menus, networking, or a variety of other tasks, we can find something for you! Project is being developed in Unity, so experience or willingness to learn required. Some skill and experience programming is necessary, but we'll try to meet you where you are!

Community Content Writer Lead

More detail to come!

Social Media Manager

More details to come!

Music/SFX Artist

Help define the sound profile of our game! Create sound effects, music, or do audio processing for gameplay, menus, trailers, and more! Familiarity with tools for implementing sound into games such as fmod or wwise appreciated, but not required! Some skill and experience required, but we'll try to meet you where you are!

Game Designer

Help design fun and engaging gameplay systems to expand our unique gaming experience! Use our cutting-edge blockchain backend to make players’ wildest dreams come true with free trade of their NFT bot parts and other unique real-world economic systems. Plan immersive and highly strategic functionality to allow players to express their mastery in new, dynamic ways! Familiarity with video games and a knack for thinking through tough problems is required!

Backend Systems Developer

More details to come!

Blockchain Developer

More details to come!

UI Producer/Designer

More details to come!





    Game Developer

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"The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything." - Sean Gerety
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